The Application Period for this Program is Now Closed



The purpose of the Great Plates Emergency Restaurant Meals Program is to ensure Californians that are 60 and over or individuals who have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19, but do not need hospitalization, or are high-risk with underlying health conditions, have regular access to prepared meals.

Individuals who are 65 or older, or 60-64 and at high-risk as defined by the CDC, including:

    • Individuals who are COVID-19 positive
    • Individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19
    • Individuals with an underlying condition.
    • Individuals must live alone or with one other program-eligible adult
    • Participants must not be currently receiving assistance from other state or federal nutrition assistance programs
    • Participants must earn no more than 600% of the federal poverty limit
    • Individuals must affirm an inability to prepare or obtain meals


• Opportunity is open to all Ventura County restaurants permitted by Ventura County Environmental Health to prepare and cook food for resale purposes.

• Restaurants will be required to register with the County of Ventura and sign a memorandum of understanding acknowledging the terms and conditions of the program.

• Once approved, participating restaurants will prepare and deliver 6 meals per every two days, to qualifying Ventura County Senior Citizens.

• Participating restaurants should have a daily serving capacity of at least 200 clients and/or a total of 600 meals (200 breakfasts, 200 lunches & 200 dinners) to be delivered every other day.

• Restaurants will be required to deliver meals every other day, on a set delivery scheduled between the hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM.

• Meals are to be provided cold and microwave ready.

• Restaurant must be able to accommodate dietary restrictions such as low sodium, low fat, etc and will be required to meet minimal nutritional standards listed below.

• Restaurant must use local produce when applicable.

• Once weekly, participating restaurants will invoice the County of Ventura for meals prepared and payment will be rendered within 10 days.

• Meals must be provided by a restaurant not currently participating in a state or federal meal service program.

• All three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be provided by the restaurant and delivered to the participant, for no more than $66.00/day.



•Low in sodium
•No sugary drinks (<24 calories / 8oz)
•Fruit juice must be 100% fruit based

Lunch / Dinner

•Low in sodium
•Piece of fresh fruit or vegetable on each
•No sugary drinks (<24 calories / 8oz)
•Fruit juice must be 100% fruit based


The following documents will be required when submitting your application online:

    • 7-Day sample meal plan demonstrating the variety of meals your restaurant can prepare. (Click here to download template)
    • Certificate of insurance naming the County of Ventura as additional insured.
    • IRS Form W9
    • Ventura County Environmental Health permit

For questions on this program, please email