During an active emergency incident, this website will feature timely and accurate incident information related to community impacts, road closures, evacuations, shelters and disaster agencies. 

Ready Ventura County

Learn how to prepare for any emergency and stay connected to other disaster partner agencies by visiting http://www.readyventuracounty.org

Register for VC Alert

Get alerted about emergencies and important community news by signing up for VC Alert. This emergency notification system enables the City or County to provide you with essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents. Text “VCALERT” to 313131 and receive a text message with a link to complete the mobile phone registration process.

Ready, Set, Go

This award-winning, national program helps community members be Ready with preparedness understanding, be Set with situational awareness when fire threatens, and to Go, acting early when a fire starts. To learn more visit http://www.vcreadysetgo.org and download preparedness plans for any kind of disaster, including wildfire, flood and earthquake.